Men in Black Spinoff To Star Thor: Ragnarok Actors Chris Hemsworth And Tessa Thompson

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We have not seen a Men in Black film since the third movie came out in 2012.

Well Sony will be making a new movie from the franchise, although this will be a spinoff meaning Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones won't be the two main stars.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, the Men in Black spinoff movie will instead star Thor: Raganrok's Chris Hemsworth as well as Tessa Thompson. MCU fans will know them better as Thor and Valkyrie respectively. 

Fate of the Furious director, F Gary Gray, will be directing the new spinoff with a script written by Matt Holloway and Art Marcum.

Fans might know the pair better as the writers for the first Iron Man film that came out back in 2008.

Sony Pictures must have been watching Thor: Ragnarok and thought both Hemsworth and Thompson make for a funny pair. I have to admit, the two stars do have a lot of chemistry when they are on the screen together. 

The spinoff is not a reboot, as it will still be set in the same universe as the original trilogy. It will instead just focus on different characters that aren't Agent K and Agent J. 

It's being said that Sony wants this to be similar to how Jurassic World built upon the first Jurassic Park movie. The movie should add some old stuff for fans, but something new that will build towards the future. 

It's also being reported that the film could have an ensemble cast so more recognizable stars and actors could still be included. It will be funny if Sony decides to cast more actors that were in Thor: Ragnarok!

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