Memet Tells Howard Stern He Is Dating Again and Wants A Man Bun

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During his SiriusXM Stern Show, Howard Stern sat down with Memet Walker to talk about his dating life and much more.

During his segment with Stern, it was revealed that Memet is thinking of getting a man bun hairstyle, after Stern pointed out that Memet's hair was getting quite long. Stern believes that the whole man bun thing is played out.

"Howard asked how Memet's dating life is. Memet said it's getting back to being good. He said he's been dating the same girl for a couple of weeks now," according to MarksFriggin.

"He said he's 29 and she's 27. Howard said he heard he was with a 40 year old. Memet said that was just one night. He said he doesn't like one night stands."

The Stern Show crew later on had a pretty explicit conversation about Memet's private area. Memet admitted to getting "dirty things" on Facebook and Instagram pages and said that guys should check their wives' pages.

"Howard said Memet sounds like he's back in the saddle. He asked how they met. Memet said they met on Tinder," according to MF.

"Howard got a note saying that he makes the girl buy him a drink.

Memet said that he always gets laid if he acts like a jerk and makes them buy him a drink. He said if he's the nice guy he doesn't get anything."

Memet cited some of the advice he reads online about being a jerk to women. He did say that he carried out certain actions from what he read online by acting unimpressed when he meets a hot woman.

He said it tends to work for him. A pretty interesting conversation on the Stern Show this morning, that's for sure.

it was so nice out today i left my room

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