Matthew McConaughey Visits The Ellen Show

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Multifaceted actor, Matthew McConaughey visited The Ellen Show to catch up on what his next couple of films were, his transforming roles and much more.

DeGeneres wanted to know how may films McConaughey was working on that haven't even come out yet and he started rattling off a ton of films, including the upcoming animated film, Sing. DeGeneres shared a photo of McConaughey who had to let himself go for a role.

The film is called Gold and his character is overweight and out of shape so, he had to eat burgers and beers for eight months, whenever he wanted them.

McConaughey told DeGeneres that the only thing that makes you tired of over-indulging is the thought of quitting. He said he slept great and still had great energy.

He was up to 270 pounds and it took six months to drop the extra weight he was carrying around.

DeGeneres asked McConaughey if he would like to do more animated films and he said he would love to. He said there was an ease and a joy to it.

The actor was also given the honor of being the #1 reason to love America by People Magazine. You can hear all about his honor, family and more in The Ellen Show videos below. Sing hits theaters on December 21.

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