Matt LeBlanc Stops By The Ellen Show

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The Man with a Plan, Matt LeBlanc stopped by The Ellen Show to catch up on what has been going on in his life.

He especially told a story of how hard it is to impress his daughter thanks to a member of the royal family.

LeBlanc joked that he would call DeGeneres and she wasn't answering but revealed that he had been working a lot. His daughter is still into riding horses and has moved on to jumping in competitions.

DeGeneres joked that she looked at horses and pet them because they were a bit scary to her.

Meanwhile, LeBlanc doesn't think his daughter is impressed by him. He said that her friends started watching Friends now but she couldn't be bothered.

She has seen the show but LeBlanc said she doesn't want to overdose on her dad. The actor said he was filming in London for Top Gear and attended a Bruce Springsteen concert with a friend at Wembley Stadium.

LeBlanc brought his daughter and stepdaughter along and they actually got to go backstage. They got to the hospitality suite to meet Springsteen and Prince Harry was there.

LeBlanc said that the Prince gave his daughters a kiss on the cheek as he left and they were floored. The actor didn't get a kiss but he now has big shoes to fill.

You can hear the entire story in The Ellen Show video below.

Matt LeBlanc Stops By The Ellen Show

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