Matt Damon Talks George Clooney and More On The Ellen Show

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Actor Matt Damon paid another visit to The Ellen Show and this time around the topics included his friend George Clooney becoming a dad, Jimmy Kimmel hosting the 2017 Oscars and more.

DeGeneres and Damon chatted about his three kids who didn't want their parents to go out on Valentine's Day. The compromise was that the kids would get to sleep in their parents' room which meant that Damon and his wife had to sleep on the bunk bed.

They didn't get enough sleep because there was barely any room.

Damon is the producer for Manchester By The Sea, a film which has six Oscar nominations. Meanwhile, Damon's arch nemesis Jimmy Kimmel happens to be hosting the Oscars and the actor joked that it was horrible for everybody.

DeGeneres asked Damon if he wanted to pass on to Kimmel, who is scheduled to be on the show next week. Damon hilariously replied, "my condolences."

He continued to pour on the comedic hazing by saying he has low expectations for the hosting job and he is sure Kimmel will live up to them. DeGeneres and Damon also started chatting about his friend George Clooney.

Clooney is now a dad and Damon said it was pretty funny because most of Clooney's friends have kids who are going to college and now he's just getting started.

You can check out Damon's awesome interview and dart skills in The Ellen Show videos below. You can catch Damon in Great Wall, which hits theaters Friday, February 17.

Matt Damon Talks George Clooney and More On The Ellen Show

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