Masterchef Recap: Top 16 Compete - Canned Food Challenge

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MasterChef is back this week with the 16 contestants taking on their most challenging mystery box task yet - canned food.

And the craziest part? The cans don't even have labels. The hilarious part starts to happen as the chefs open the cans and start taste tasting everything.

For a chef that screams at everybody on Kitchen Nightmares for cooking out of a can, this one seems a bit ironic. No matter, we get it.

British chef Francis was confident his soup would get picked, but unfortunately he was not. The first choice was Elizabeth with her Borcht dish. The chefs loved it aand couldn't believe that the ingredients came out of a can. The second choice was Victoria, who created a potted meat fritter dish with 5 different meats involved...

again, a big hit. The last home chef selected was 18-year-old Ahran with a sponge rolled cake. She got huge reviews from each taste taster.

And the winner of the mystery box challenge? The shocked and elated Elizabeth. They then bring back past champions Luca and the MasterChef Junior winner, Alexander. Elizabeth gets mix up the re-creation of the two champions dishes.

She focuses on giving every person what she thinks is a challenge. Several chefs seem to struggle with the idea of recreating something, including Big Willy who is frying the veal instead of what Luca was doing.

Jamiee especially gets mixed up, loses one of her desserts and thinks some one sabotaged her.

The stand outs? The ever-hated Courtney, Cutter,

And the problem Chefs? Big Willy, Jamiee (who is basically Daria, remember her?), Tyler. Tyler brings up a dish and Chef Ramsey proclaims that he has brought up a dish that he did not cook. So what happened? Chef Ramsey walked to the back and brings back a tray with his desserts.

Tyler stole Jamiee's desert, maybe by accident, maybe not. Yikes.

Tyler broke the rules, so he is kicked out of MasterChef. Painful to watch, but to be fair, it was a very serious error. And his final dished looked bad enough to get him eliminated anyways.

In the end, the best dish of the night was Courtney. And yes, we all dislike Courtney, but you have to respect her hustle.