Mariah Carey Visits The Ellen Show

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Mariah Carey stepped on to The Ellen Show sporting what could only be called a less modest Mrs. Claus outfit. Okay, it was more of a robe, which she undid and revealed an even more revealing jumper.

They're on my show tomorrow. @MariahCarey

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DeGeneres welcomed Carey and thanked her for coming on to the show so early. Carey said she loved coming to see DeGeneres and explained that her robe was to add a little festivity to match the holidays.

DeGeneres pointed our Carey's set of diamonds, however, something tells us she was referring to something else jokingly.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres pointed out that Carey seems to be late quite a bit but the singer said that most of the time it's not her fault. Then, Carey and DeGeneres chatted about her docu-series that takes fans behind the scenes of her tour.

She said she tries to avoid what's in a magazine. Then out of nowhere, DeGeneres shared some steamy photos of Carey in a bubble bath at 4 in the morning.

Carey briefly discussed the aftermath of her broken engagement. DeGeneres wanted to know how Carey was doing and she seemed pretty nonchalant about it at first.

Carey said she believes that everything happens for a reason and moved the conversation past her engagement. You can check out The Ellen Show interview with Mariah Carey in the video below.

Mariah Carey Visits The Ellen Show