Man Moves Car Out Of Bike Path

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When a person does a horrible job parking it usually hinders other people.

There's been a trend of pointing out those mistakes usually with chalk or a note. It would all be easier if you could just move the car for yourself.

The bike lane has been a topic of discussion in many places. It is suppose to be a section of the road for people to ride their bikes on.

This special section keeps them from riding in traffic and crowds of people. But bikers have also noticed that their safe lane can sometimes by the worst place to ride.

In a moment captured and posted by Joe Loreto, a man's path was blocked by a car. The car in question is parked so that it's sticking into the bike lane.

A hazardous choice for the bikers who will have to veer out of the way into other potential danger.

The man in the video simply picks up the back of the car and rotates it until it is no longer in the way. Then, as the crowd cheers, he just gets back on his bike and continues his ride.

Watch the man lift a car out of the bike path below.