Man Buys All Pies in a Burger King to Spite Bratty Kid

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Every once in awhile you experience a young bratty kid who is lacking in the manners department and also has parents who seem too preoccupied with their own lives to explain right from wrong to the child.

Even worse, like what happened to this man you experience this when you have a pounding headache.

Recently a man shared his devious act on Reddit in which a quick meal at burger king turned into a painful wait in line. Already having a headache, things got worse when a mother and child duo get in line behind him and exacerbated the situation by being as rude and obnoxious as possible. Apparently the child was screaming that he wanted a pie and his mother was yapping away on her phone, we all know this horror.

The man then explained to the mother that he has a splitting headache and asked her to please calm her child down, which didn't go over so well with her. Throughout this ordeal he developed a sneaky plan of revenge and decided to buy out the Burger King of their pies.

A couple of burgers and 23 pies later the man was satisfied.

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