Making Chocolate Milk Has Never Been More Adorable and Exciting

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Remember the first time you mixed that Nesquik chocolate syrup with milk and created that magical cocktail known as chocolate milk? Well, all of that excitement is packed into this adorable video of a dad and his daughter mixing up the beloved drink.

The video below surfaced on Reddit and reminds us of the first time we ever had some chocolate milk.

A dad and his daughter are in the kitchen and in his hands is a bottle with chocolate syrup at the bottom and regular milk above it.

He asks his daughter to tell him what's in the bottle and when she does, he proceeds to shake the mixture up.

When it's all done he asks her what they have and she exclaims "chocolate milk." It's all fun and games until dad decides to take a couple sips of the chocolate milk, which causes the little one to tell him that he can't drink her chocolate milk. Being a dad he quickly comes up with the excuse that he was making sure it wasn't poison.

Nicely played sir, nicely played. You can check out the adorable video that was uploaded to the Christian Perez YouTube Channel below.

Check out the adorable video below.