Magic Johnson Talks About His Son Coming Out On The Ellen Show

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Magic Johnson has had one of the mots illustrious careers in basketball as a player, commentator and now Los Angeles Lakers president of basketball operations.

He recently stopped by The Ellen Show to catch up and chatted about how he handled his son coming out and more.

DeGeneres and Johnson sat down and as she went through how well he is doing today, the host asked him if there was anything he regretted in the past.

Johnson said that it still haunts him today when he thinks about being approached by Phil Knight, co-founder of Nike, who couldn't offer him money, but could offer him stock in the company.

Johnson chose to go for the money rather than the stock.

The NBA legend said he would never run for a position in office as he would rather help people who can make a difference get into office. Johnson he also likes to work with people who don't have a voice and help them live a dream. DeGeneres asked Johnson about his son coming out and what advice he had for other parents.

Johnson said it's about not trying to decide who or what you want your son or daughter to become.

He continued to say that it was about loving them no matter who they are or what they decide to do. Johnson said he was so happy for his son and he and his family loves him.

He added that when your kids or family members come out you have to support them because if you don't then who will.

You can hear more from Johnson's interview and check out his game of bank shot in The Ellen Show videos below.

Magic Johnson Talks About His Son Coming Out and More On The Ellen Show