'Madam Secretary' Recap S1 E2: Crisis in Yemen

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Tonight's new episode of "Madam Secretary" had Elizabeth dealing with an all-too-familiar, albeit fictional, foreign crisis in Yemen.

The United States embassy in Yemen came under attack from heavily armed and angry protesters, and unfortunately for Elizabeth this was dropped onto her work plate.

The protest came from an apparent drone attack in the country, which also has been the topic of controversy in the news lately.

Bad news plagued Elizabeth and her staff: the protest group is growing and the security for the embassy and the US ambassador isn't top-notch.

The embassy was overrun by the protesters and according to initial reports there were little to no survivors. The ambassador and his family were safely evacuated out of the embassy, and it was confirmed that only one soldier was killed in the crisis.

She also learned that the troops stuck to her protocol, which bothered some while pleasing others. The ringleaders of the embassy attack were captured and the Yemen government promised to rebuild the embassy.

Her pleas for sending troops in to deal with the crisis are continuously shot down by Congressmen.

The main complaints against her strategy is that she is overreacting and that the government is trying to pull troops out of the Middle East.

However despite all of the negativity, the president put the ball in her court to come up with a solid strategy to deal with the crisis.

Protests on the home front also troubled Elizabeth, as her daughter made front page headlines for protesting policies at her university. Her daughter came home to be under the supervision of Liz and her husband and the tension at first was obvious.

Elizabeth and her husband were able to talk to her about her troubles and, although it wasn't smooth, they came to agreements.

The next episode of "Madam Secretary" airs Sunday Oct. 5th at 8 p.m. on CBS.