Macey Hensley Debuts Her Ventriloquist Act on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

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One of Ellen DeGeneres most adorable guests, Macey Hensley debuts her hilarious ventriloquist act using a George W. Bush ventriloquist dummy and it's absolutely priceless.

(Video Below)

Little Macey Hensley told DeGeneres that she received the ventriloquist dummy from a local ventriloquist named Dave May. Hensley's Bush dummy was just as big as she was making it instantly funny when DeGeneres asked her to display her new talent.

Bear in mind Macey has only had two lessons so far. As she adorably struggled to get the dummy to her seat, DeGeneres and the crowd can help but to laugh before the act even begins.

Macey is one of the youngest presidential experts who knows some of the most interesting and funny facts about each president of the United States. So, the George W. Bush dummy makes the perfect fit.

As she begins her act it's clear to see that little Macey's mouth is actually moving which makes DeGeneres lose it with laughter. DeGeneres and the audience continued to laugh through every question that she posed to the dummy.

However, DeGeneres remained supportive and told Macey how good her act was.

Cleverly enough, when DeGeneres asked if Bush had anything else to say, Hensley reached over and asked him before telling DeGeneres no.

Hensley has become a reappearing guest on the show and had a few questions for Hilary Clinton in a past episode.You can check out the hilarious video below.

Check out Macey's Ventriloquist Act from the Ellen DeGeneres Show below.