Is Mac Miller's New Album In The Final Stages?

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It looks like fans might be getting closer to the new Mac Miller album after his latest tweet. Miller is continuing to tease the project while poking fun at producer and mixer E. Dan.

"We got an album to mix and @IdlabsMusic in here watching home appliance YouTube videos," tweeted Miller earlier this afternoon.

The tweet while very simple and humorous could mean that all of the ingredients (tracks) are ready to be mixed to get the album ready for a release. Last week miller tweeted that the "title of his new album would be...." but quickly deleted it.

With that tweet paired with this one, it could mean that Miller is going for that Beyonce type of release. There aren't any official announcements for now and the album has been kept under wraps for the most part.

Gettin this crazy shit ready for you. @treejtv

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Yesterday Miller posted the photo above with the caption that purports that he is in the final stretch of the new album. All of these little notes continue to add anticipation among fans who are eagerly awaiting the project upon it's release.

Miller also teased a surprise before the album comes back in February. Are you ready for a new Mac Miller album? Let us know in the comments below. Check out some more recent photos of Miller in the studio below.

Studio Studio

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My life coach @vinnygrits

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A photo posted by Mac Miller (@larryfisherman) on