Mac Miller's Alter Ego Larry Fisherman Releases 'Run On Sentences Volume 2'

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Fans are thanking Mac Miller and his alter ego Larry Fisherman for bringing them a new instrumental mixtape titled Run On Sentences Volume 2. There is good reason for the positive reactions to the project as it's mystifying and absolutely brilliant.

Miller is regarded for his rhymes but Fisherman, Fisherman holds the talent of a top notch producer who is able to bring together sounds in a very unique way. With a mixture of synths, sound bites, a little jazz and some incredible drum sets, Fisherman takes you on a mystifying audio journey with Run On Sentences Volume 2.

The sounds range from relaxing and inspirational to mind-opening and exploratory.

There are plenty of space references and others that briefly question the rules of society. What's more interesting is the questions involving the universe that almost inspires you to want to grab a Stephen Hawking book and explore it further.

Run On Sentences Volume 2 came as a pleasant surprise to fans late in the evening on December 29. Miller teased that something was coming in 30 minutes and delivered as promised. When it comes to production Fisherman/Miller is severely underrated but after listening to Run On Sentences Volume 2 over and over you'll begin to realize the complexity and work that goes into these seemingly effortless sounds that flow through your listening devices emitting some serious sounds into your ears.

There is also a track titled, "Smile," which Miller says is very special to him. "Smile" is also the only song that features lyrics from Miller.

The production is top-notch and for those who want to hear how the mixtape came together, Miller says that he will be doing an interview on the creation of Run On Sentences Volume 2, however, he did not reveal the publication/interview so fans can look out for that once Miller reveals more information.

In the meantime you can listen/download Run On Sentences Volume 2 below.