Is Mac Miller Teasing OVO Features On His New Album?

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After teasing fans with another Instagram post related to the upcoming album, Mac Miller recently tweeted something that can either mean a OVO collaboration on his new album or maybe he'll be featured at OVO Fest 2015.

Miller expressed some love to the OVO crew in a recent Twitter post which comes at a pretty crazy time regarding his album which he's actively been teasing by asking fans if they are ready, as well as the fact that Drake is in the middle of a beef with Meek Mill.

It's just a matter of days before the OVO Fest begins and Drake is known from bringing out a bunch of surprises during the concert.

Miller even made it a point to have a little fun with the current beef between the artists saying that he wanted Drake to tweet his album, genuinely of course.

The album is coming very soon according to Miller who released an official statement on Twitter saying that the album was done.

He also said that fans will be able to hear the album very soon which means we'll find out whether or not there is any OVO involvement on the project.

Mac Miller fans are all excited about the album which seems to be done according to posts from Miller and with the new revelations about how epic it's going to be this might be one for the books. It will be interesting to see if anything comes out of Miller addressing the OVO crew.

Miller has a great relationship with TDE and some really great music has come out of it, we can only imagine what would happen if he linked up with an OVO artist for a feature.

More tweets on the album below.