Mac Miller Shares A Strange Murder Tip

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Out of all of the crazy tweets that Mac Miller has posted this one just might take the cake. Miller shared a very strange tweet that contains a tip for anyone who plans on murdering someone, his words not ours.

"If you ever murder someone make sure to write a message in Latin using blood," tweeted Miller earlier today.

What in the...Well, Miller went from meeting up with two time Superbowl Champion and quarterback of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Ben Roethilsberger to dishing out tips for anyone who decided that they want to kill someone.

This advice sounds straight out of a horror film. While it's most likely nothing to take to heart, it is pretty crazy even for Miller.

Training Camp. I'm gettin ready for the home opener.

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Meanwhile, it looks like Miller is trying to get himself fit for the upcoming release of his new album. The album title is yet to be announced and so is the release date. However, Miller has continued to tease the project via social media.

Last his fans heard, the album was being mixed by Miller and his producer. It's been a pretty big year for Hip-Hop so far and Miller has the ability to make it ever greater with his talent and fanbase.