Mac Miller Reveals Where His 'Brilliant Battle Bars' Come From: Possible Contenders

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First it was Wiz Khalifa and his raps that come right out of his sleep and now Mac Miller reveals exactly when he comes up with his "brilliant battle bars."

Everyone knows that Miller is not a battle rapper, but according to his latest Twitter post, the Indie Hip-Hop sensation comes up with brilliant battle bars during the day. The next step here would probably be for Miller to actually tweet the bars as the come to him throughout the day.

He's known for having some pretty whacky and funny tweets but some battle bars would probably attract a ton of attention from his fans and followers.

Even further, is it possible that Miller would take a shot at battle rapping? If so who would his contenders be? Well, we've got a few ideas.

There's the obvious Murda Mook who used the BET Hip-Hop Awards Cypher as a forum to fire off a few bars dissing Drake. He pretty much showed that he's not afraid to take on mainstream artists.

Then, there's Loaded Lux a battle rapper who went toe to toe with Murda Mook is one of the most classic rap battles ever. It was all caught on the Smack Battle Rap DVD as Lux and Mook went head to head ripping each other to shreds verbally.

They are ruthless and their style varies significantly from anything that Mac Miller fans would have ever heard from him.

Charlie Clips and Marv Won are two highly regarded battle rappers who also went up against each other.

They proved that nothing is safe when in battle rap and that's the mentality that Miller would have to have if he every thought about venturing that way.

It's undeniable that when it comes to bars with substance Miller is among one of the most underrated Hip-Hop artists in the game today. He's a creative rapper who has the fan base to proved that you don't have to have a big label to make it in Hip-Hop.

In no way are we insinuating that Mac Miller is going to make the transition into battle rap, but we'd sure like to see some of the brilliant battle bars he's talking about.

Would you like to see Mac Miller take a shot at battle rap? Let us know in the comments below.