Mac Miller is Planning On Big Year With An EP a Month

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If Mac Miller fans couldn't get enough of the GO:OD AM album, there is big news on the way.

Miller announced that there will be one year where fans receive a ton of music, in fact Miller wants to put out one EP per month.

Miller stated that there will be one year where he puts out a song everyday, so 365 songs or 366 if it happens be a leap year. Then he changed his mind to maybe an EP every month for one year.

When it was revealed that Asaad is already producing a song every year, Miller confirmed that he would in fact bring fans one EP per month in a year. While Miller already seems to have the year picked out, it looks like he wants to keep it a mystery for his fans.

Miller did start reaching out for drumkits and sounds so it's possible that it could be sooner rather than later. It's not like this is totally unbelievable either. Miller has shown a pretty dedicated work ethic over the years and has become one of the biggest names in hip-hop.

He is respected by both artists and fans and his last album GO:OD AM was Miller at his absolute best creative form.

Let us know what year you believe Miller will begin his monumental released in the comments section below. We'd also like to know what your favorite Mac Miller project is whether it be an album or mixtape.