Mac Miller Gets His Andre Agassi On: Late Night Tennis With All The Gear

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Indie rapper, self-made, has his own company and now Mac Miller is adding tennis player to that list. Well, not really but from all the gear he was rocking while playing tennis you'd think he's gonna go pro.

Miller posted the first photo of his rocking a headband, Fila tennis styled polo, sleeve, wristband and a nose ring. The nose-ring has nothing to do with anything but it's pretty prominent in the photo.

There's also a Wilson racket beside him as he poses for the sport selfie.

Night Tennis

A photo posted by Mac Miller (@larryfisherman) on

Later on Miller explains that he has to keep his athletic knee sleeve on because of a previous torn meniscus in 2006, however, he's not letting that stop him from getting active.

The final photo posted to his Instagram page shows Miller in action awkwardly hitting the shot, but who are we to judge, at least he hit it.

It's safe to say that he's not going to have a career change any time soon especially with an album rumored to be dropping sometime this year.

He really seems to just be enjoying life right now more than anything. But if you had the amount of worldwide success that he has wouldn't you?

No matter what he's doing, Miller still takes time to send out those mystifying tweets that will both baffle and create laughter among his friends and followers.

With the success of his previous albums fans can expect some pretty great things to come from Mac Miller.

Keep the knee sleeve for the athletic events. Torn meniscus 2006.

A photo posted by Mac Miller (@larryfisherman) on


A photo posted by Mac Miller (@larryfisherman) on