Mac Miller Geeks Out After Receiving A Shout Out From The Rock: His Thoughts On 'San Andreas'

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Like many moviegoers this weekend Mac Miller set out to watch The Rock a.k.a. Dwayne Johnson's thriller "San Andreas" and Miller had excellent things to say about The Rock's performance.

"Man @TheRock was a legend in San Andreas," tweeted Mac Miller yesterday. "San Andreas" is the newest Warner Bros.

thriller based on the San Andreas fault line that runs through California.

The fault line is often the birthplace of many of California's horrific earthquakes. The film played on that danger to create a blockbuster film that grossed $113.2 million on opening weekend worldwide with $53.2 million coming in domestically.

It looks like The Rock was keeping a close eye on those who were tweeting about his film as he returned the love to Mac Miller by tweeting, "Appreciate that Mac. Glad you dug #SanAndreas Keep doin' it strong brotha." Upon realizing that The Rock had actually tweeted him back Miller posted a tweet that can only be described as geeking out over someone he admires.

"The Rock really hit me back.... I made it," said Miller. Celebrity admirations like this are pretty cool to see among stars who support each other and it never seems as if Mac Miller realizes just how popular he's become.

"San Andreas" is in theaters now and as for Mac Miller fans, they can expect a project coming their way according to his past tweets and information on the new project.