Mac Miller Calls Tyler, The Creator An Inspiration: Tyler Urges Reviewers To Hold Off

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In a year where the amount of high quality Hip-Hop albums is at an all time high, Mac Miller has been a voice of endorsement for certain rappers and this time, he's speaking highly of Tyler, The Creators "Cherry Bomb."

Not only did Miller urge fans to go out and buy the album, however, he also called Tyler, The Creator an inspiration in the tweet following that. Miller's words don't come from an artist to artist endorsement, because the "Cherry Bomb" album is in fact a great display of art.

That being said, Tyler, The Creator urges people to give it some time before they begin reviewing the album.

He shares a similar sentiment from Kendrick Lamar, however, Lamar cautioned the younger crowd to truly listen to the album for a few weeks before they call it a classic.

Tyler, The Creator is telling all reviewers to hold off before they start dissecting the album.

The album has a mixture of Tyler, The Creators rough and "in your face" lyrics but there are portions where he pays homage to music that he listens to. So what happens after you release an album you want to be remembered for? Well according to his Twitter page, Tyler, The Creator wants a monster truck with flames.

Honestly, that doesn't sound like a strange request from Tyler, The Creator at all. While "Goblin" took some time to grow on critics, "Cherry Bomb" has the immediate positive listening experience musically that fans will enjoy.