Is Lupe Fiasco Swindling Fans Out Of Money? Kid Cudi & Fiasco Twitter Beef

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Lupe Fiasco is offering fans a personalized verse for $500 and Kid Cudi thinks there might some something really fishy about the whole deal.

Cudi tweeted Fiasco saying, "What are you doing with the money your making from this @LupeFiasco .

Are u givin some of this money ur about to make to a charity orrrr??" Fiasco humorously replied, "The same thing that I do with the money from my non-personalized verses @KidCudi," with one of the famous Kermit the Frog memes.

Cudi simply replied with, "To my fans; I dont know about this Lupe $500 verse shit.

U should support his album but this idea seems a bit sketch.

Do what U want tho." He then adds a second tweet with his own Kermit meme, which read, "U can swindle them other kids but not mine!! As u were tho pimpin @LupeFiasco."

It may just be a simple misunderstanding between the two as they both showed each other love while trading shots.

Fiasco and Cudi are both hip-hop artists who have experimented in their career and both rap with deep thoughts and thought provoking subject matters.

According to, "There were some stipulations of course, one of which is that you would have to come pick up a physical copy of the CD in person, pay the $500 in cash, and sign a usage contract."

As for what Fiasco's plans are for the use of the money, well judging from his replies the money will go straight to him for personal use, however, Fiasco tweeted, "A custom verse is not to "Swindle" you as my competitors would have you believe.

It's to give you total control over what you want to hear," in defense of his thought process. Fiasco currently has a hit out with "Next To It," featuring Ty Dolla $ign.

Check out the entire conversation below