Lupe Fiasco And Joey Bada$$ Set The Bar High For Hip-Hop In 2015

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Now that most of the hype has subsided over Joey Bada$$'s "B4.DA.$$." and Lupe Fiasco's "Tetsuo and Youth," it's safe to say that the two have set the bar pretty high for Hip-Hop albums this year.

While "B4.DA.$$" is just the debut album for Joey Bada$$, he really proved that he is a lyricist and he does have what it takes to be one of the better ones for his generation. Highlight tracks on "B4.DA.$$." include "Christ Conscious," "Run Up On Ya," "Hazeus View" and "Piece of Mind." The album is smooth and enjoyable for anyone who is a fan of 90's style beats and delivery.

When listening to Bada$$ he sounds like Prodigy of Mobb Deep in some instances but instead of harsh reality of the violence on the streets Bada$$ takes the conscious route.

All in all, the album is solid and something he should be proud of.

Now on to Lupe Fiasco. For years now fans have waited for an album that captured the Fiasco of "Food and Liquor" his debut album and "The Cool" the second studio album.

They were instead greeted with a politically charged rapper on "Lasers" and "Food And Liquor 2," hidden amongst great beats and catchy choruses.

It's safe to say that on "Tetsuo and Youth" fans have gotten what they asked for a little more.

The album's lyrical opening offering "Mural" is so good that you might not need to listen to another track on the album to come to the conclusion that Fiasco has heard his fans loud and clear as well as the fact that he is tired of playing politics. "Mural" could not have been a more appropriate title for this song as it paints some of the most intense visions in your mind.

His wordplay is at an all time high and just when you think you've heard the best verse on the song five more follow that. The 8:49 long song immediately tells the listener they are in for quite the treat.

Other highly notable tracks on "Tetsuo and Youth" include, "Prisoner 1 & 2," which features a familiar sample from Fort Minor's "Believe Me," "Body of Work," "Chopper," "Madonna," and "They.Resurrect.Over.New." which features a sly verse from Ab-Soul.

Upon the release of "Tetsuo and Youth" Ab-Soul sent out a tweet putting Lupe in his top five rappers list. It really speaks to the quality that is provided to the listener from the album and it's utterly unexpected.

Fiasco has found himself thankfully because fans really missed his talent.

"Food and Liquor" was one of the best lyrical displays of storytelling by young Fiasco and it's nice to see that he hasn't lost that ability with "Tetsuo and Youth."

In 2014 it was Logic, J. Cole, ScHoolboy Q and Ab-Soul that really solidified their ability amongst the top tier and so far for 2015 Lupe Fiasco and Joey Bada$$ have made two great cases for exceptional albums with Fiasco's standing out as a true work of art. It's easy to rap about money, cars, clothes and women but when it comes to telling a story or giving your mind a mental exercise the artists mentioned in this article rank second to none.