In Love With Lupita

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In the past year, there has been something awesome and infectious that was been sweeping through Hollywood, affecting anyone it comes across.

Once you get a look at it, you're hooked and there is nothing you can do. I, myself, tried to avoid it but once by eyes caught it - I was hooked. I was transformed, tears came to my eyes and my heart would start beating really fast. Every time I hit the internet to look for a cure, I come up empty handed. This is fast spreading and I would warn you to stay away from it. But I think people should do the opposite. I've seen many pictures of it and it seems that I'm not the only person affected - i'ts called Lupita.
She burst on the scene in '12 Years a Slave', giving her all in her acting performance.

The conviction in her action and eyes are something you question. It makes you wonder if she was acting or not. It has been a while since the movie, and the actress has come along and made me believe in such a manner.

I watched the screen and paid attention to every scene. Chiwetel became her support every time they were on screen together.

After watching her once on screen, I was hooked. It was almost like seeing her a million times and I still wasn't satisfied.

The night of the Oscars came and I watched, expecting the same old regular award show that I wouldn't be impressed with. Even though I think Ellen did an awesome job, the rest was just "okay", to say the least. When Lupita was awarded for her supporting actress role in '12 Years a Slave', that is when the show started. Lupita headed up the stairs and gave a speech that is going to be remembered for years.

She thanked all the people that were involved with film and after her gracious rant, she uttered some of the best words ever stating, "no matter where you're from, your dreams are valid." My heart jumped, as I was impressed and stunned. After that moment it was guaranteed.

I caught that "thing" that was going around. I got me a case of the Lupita and I'm glad I have it.