'Love & Hip Hop Hollywood' Ep. 4: Once a Player Always a Player

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Tonight's new "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" Yung Berg showed his real players side to girlfriend Hazel E. as their roller coaster relationship continued.

Berg (@TheRealYungBerg) again put Hazel E. (@hazelebaby) down as he revealed his player side, both in private conversation with her and in public in front of her.

Berg went to an awards show and promised Hazel he wouldn't bring anyone, yet he brought a girl he has been with in the past; Hazel didn't back down from the challenge, however, and showed up looking seductive herself.

Hazel couldn't keep her cool and privately vented about how she is tired of Berg's player side.

Berg didn't show any feelings of regret or guilt both at the awards event and in the narration camera, saying he and she knows he keeps it "one hundred."

Also Morgan (@MorganHardman) did her best to make sure neither Nikki nor Masika (@masikakalysha) got hurt by Mally Mal, who is seemingly playing both girls. She planned a spa day for her and both girls, and also invited Teairra (@Teairra_Mari) for back up in case things went south. They did.

The arguments between Nikki and Masika broke out almost instantly.

Amid ridiculous remarks and too many "shut the f*** ups" both girls claimed they were still with Mally. The fight then turned physical with producers helping to split the two up.

Meanwhile Omarion (@1Omarion) had to deal with the oh-so-familiar guy issues of making his girlfriend and mother get along. Those two have had their issues with each other for quite some time now, and he did his best to understand both their sides and bring peace into the scenario.

His girlfriend Apryl (@APRYLSJONES) threw a baby shower and his mother, Leslie, stole the limelight despite his pleas for peace.

Leslie immediately brought issues with her at the baby shower, and her and Apryl engaged in a verbal battle. Omarion begged them to stop their feud, with both girls refusing to claim they are wrong.

Soulja Boy (@souljaboy) did his best to save his relationship with Nia (@NiaNRiley), and tried to show his maturity and commitment to her over his friends.

The obvious issue of loyalty between them was brought up and she did her best to believe and trust him for now.

The next episode of "Love & Hip Hop Hollywood" airs Monday, Oct. 13th at 8 p.m. on VH1.