Louie Episode Recap: Feelings Are Gross

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In Pamela 2 and 3, Louie addressed a bunch of issues, including why Louis CK hired a black woman to be the mother of his "almost-translucent white girls."

In a pretty offensive back-and-forth with Pamela The Asshole (also known as guest star Pamela Aldon, Pamela: My Favorite, and Pamela: She Who Is Allergic to Feelings) we learn that while Louis CK might have cast Susan Kelechi Watson because CK didn't care about the "racial" aspect, he apparently felt like it was necessary to address her race in-show.

After Pamela: My Favorite gets rid of all of Louie's furniture, he gets his revenge by making her meet Janet, his ex-wife, and she pretty much immediately jumps into the question that a lot of viewers had earlier in the season.

Pamela: How is your ex-wife black?
Louie: What, I can't marry a black woman?
Pamela: You can marry a green elephant.

The question is: how is she the mother of those almost-translucent white girls of yours?
Louie: Oh, her mom is white.

And it's as simple as that. I'm thrilled with Louie not making a big deal out of his ex-wife's race while casting for the best actress instead of going by looks. I've said it before and I'll say it again: representation matters.

And even though the argument can be made that Janet doesn't get a ton of screen time, she is still a really important figure in Louie's life.

I want more people of color on my screen, especially in a show like Louie where 98% of the regular characters are white.

That might reflect the people who rotate through Louis CK's life, but it really doesn't represent the population of NYC where the show itself is set.

One thing CK is good on consistently representing is single parents. The return of Pamela Aldon for Pamela 2 and 3 was a fantastic choice on CK's part.

Pamela is honestly gold on this show. She might be allergic to feelings, but she isn't afraid to lay down hard truths.

When Louie is angsting over being a bad friend to a successful pal of his and his own lack of success, she tells him essentially to get over himself.

"Just go get on tv," she says. "Get on tv and be a star." Louie contests that with his usual pessimism, saying, "It's not that easy."

"Yes it is," she replies. "None of you guys are special or magical. Some of you are luckier and some of you work harder than others.

You're just guys. So you gotta decide. You gotta decide to go on tv, be a star, and then you and your friend can go lick each others' balls and leave everyone alone already."

If Aldon doesn't become a series regular I think I just might cry. Any actor that says the line "Feelings are gross and boring and rude and too private and yuck!" with such determination and passion wins my heart instantly.

Despite her feelings allergy, Pamela "gets it" and when Louie storms off in a huff -- reminding us of Pamela's first appearance on the show when Louie leaves her apartment, missing what he thought was his only chance at dating Pamela, or at least sleeping with her -- she calls him and tells him to come back, surprising him with what for her was a declaration of love or something like it.

Even if she has a hard time articulating how she feels she sure beats the pants off Louie at showing it.