Loreen's 'Paper Light' Tops Billboard's Emerging Artists Chart

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Many may not be familiar with Loreen Talhaoui, but her song "Paper Light" is currently sitting atop the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart in all it's indie-hypnotic nature.

"Paper Light" was release on May 5 via iTunes and has risen it's way to the number one spot on the Billboard Emerging Artists Chart. The song has an infectious sound merging electric sounds, epic piano and one of the fresh Pitchforky sounds.

Talhaoui's powerful voice resonates throughout the tune even moving into an Imogen Heap-like breakdown towards the end. It has a feel good nature and the overall sound of a peaceful and perfect illuminated setting.

"Paper Light" By Loreen

"Born in Stockholm, Sweden in 1983, Loreen -- real name Lorine Zeineb Nora Talhaoui -- first made her mark on the music scene at the age of 21," according to the artist's Billboard bio.

"The singer, who is of Moroccan Berber descent, appeared in the 2004 season of Swedish Idol, performing songs by artists such as the Police, Britney Spears, and Stevie Wonder."

Talhaoui broke back into the music scene with her track "Euphoria" in 2012 that won the "Eurovision" competition boosting it into heavy fame all across Europe. Now with the release of "Paper Light," Loreen uses some of the EDM influence but fuses it with an overall new sound that fits her vocals perfectly.

Fans who like the new track can find it on iTunes.