Logic's 'The Incredible True Story' Release Nears With Plans to Surprise His Fans

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Few rappers personalize their fan experience, however, Logic intends on changing that by visiting his biggest fans homes and playing The Incredible True Story album for them.

"Tomorrow I leave to travel across the country & stop at my biggest fans houses to play them my album personally," according to Logic's Twitter.

His album The Incredible True Story has seen two major singles, "Like Woah" and "Young Jesus." The tracks feature masterful production and exceptional lyrical stylings from Logic. Logic's debut album Under Pressure was among one of the best hip-hop albums of 2014.

He is continuing to make strides in music and even the comic world.

The story line of The Incredible True Story is still a bit of a mystery, however, it will be revealed in good time when it's released on November 13.

The Incredible True Story Album Tracklist

1. Contact
2. Fade Away
3. Upgrade
4. White People
5. Like Woah
6. Young Jesus (feat. Big Lenbo)
7. Innermission (feat. Lucy Rose)
8. I Am The Greatest

The Cube
10. Lord Willin'
11. City of Stars
12. Stainless (feat. Dria)
13. Babel
14. Paradise (feat. Jesse Boykins III)
15. Never Been
16. Run It
17. Lucidity
18. The Incredible True Story