Logic's 'The Incredible True Story' Already Feels Like a Classic in the Making

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Right now one of hip-hop's most underrated acts is giving the game a well needed run for their money as Logic recently released "Young Jesus" featuring Big Lenbo.

The song is the first single off his upcoming sophomore album The Incredible True Story.

Eight weeks ago Logic had his fans in a frenzy after starting the hashtag #LogicAlbum2. Two weeks ago he released an incredible preview video where he kills it on the MPC to a track we've yet to get the full audio to.

It was a trailer to his upcoming album The Incredible True Story, a sophomore effort that's coming just one year after the release of his debut album Under Pressure.

Last week he dropped the album artwork done by Sam Spratt who will be handling much of the artwork for the "Sci-Fi motion picture epic," as it's referred to in the album trailer.

Then came the piece de resistance if you will, "Young Jesus," the first single off The Incredible True Story that confirms what fans may have been thinking from the trailer, "this is going to be a classic." The track features Big Lenbo who also handled the handwriting on the Under Pressure album's artwork. There is without a doubt a lot of attention to detail when it comes to this album. It contains real artwork and is being seen as an epic motion picture.

Fans got a deeper taste of Logic's love for film during the Under Pressure release especially with his first person music video for the title track.

It carried over into the album with Thalia, the albums narrator, expressing that films by Quentin Tarantino were in rotation during the the creation of his debut album.

The overall 90's feel of Logic's "Young Jesus" single is raw and in your face. It's an awesome style that is complimented well by his back and forth with Big Lenbo. Everything leading up to the release of The Incredible True Story, which has yet to have an official date, has been pretty fast paced.

This might lead us to believe that the album is coming very soon. In the meantime fans can keep Under Pressure and "Young Jesus" in rotation. The Incredible True Story is scheduled for sometime this fall.


A photo posted by logic301 (@logic301) on

A photo posted by logic301 (@logic301) on