Logic Talks 'The Incredible True Story' on The Breakfast Club Morning Show

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After releasing an incredibly impressive album titled, The Incredible True Story, Logic stopped by The Breakfast Club morning show and even solved a rubix cube while conducting the interview.

Logic told The Breakfast Club morning crew that he was scared to release this concept album because it was sort of nerdy. The Incredible True Story album takes place in in 2115, 50 years after the last footprint was left on Earth.

Logic's Sci-Fi concept leads Kai and Thomas on an adventure to find "Paradise" the new Super Earth that is expected to be the environment of which the 5 million remaining humans from Earth are going to be moved to, once explored.

The rapper continues to stay humble throughout the interview even after solving a rubix cube, while explaining the concept of the album. Logic also revealed that he did not even graduate high school but he does not show a lack of intelligence at all. He wrote the entire script for the album an visited Comic Con to promote it. Charlamagne Tha God said that a lot of his lines were very close to that of Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole and Drake. Logic believes that Wu-Tang and Nas as well as others are also a reflection of who he is and are people he wanted to honor in hip-hop. On The Incredible True Story, Logic proved that he is among one of the musical geniuses previously mentioned. For Logic, it's always about the message and while listening to The Incredible True Story, it's evident.

Video of the interview below.

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