This Little Girl's Slingbow Tooth Extraction Is Awesome

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When children have to get a loose tooth pulled the job normally falls on one of their parents, however, this 11-year-old decides to take matters into her own hands and uses her slingbow to pop the pearly white out of place.

(Video Below)

"For most children loosing a tooth is a tedious process, spent patiently waiting for their tooth to fall out," reported the Caters TV YouTube Channel.

"But little Alexis Davidson, 11, decided to take matters into her own hands - tying her tooth to a sling bow and firing it out of her mouth.

Slow motion footage, taken by her father Jason Mcdonald, shows Alexis nervously pulling the bow back and letting go as her tooth flies out of her mouth."

The video than began going Viral also surfacing on BroBible. Davidson really went all out to get rid of this loose tooth and she was under parental supervision making it a lot safer than attempting it all on her own.

You can check out the extraction below. Let us know if you had a hilarious tooth extraction story in the comments below.

Watch the awesome slingbow extraction below.