Little Girl Scares A Baby But is It Dangerous?

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There are a lot of viral videos going around but this one is a little hard to laugh at for many.

A baby in a room full of adults is always pretty entertaining as it is. However in this case, the choice of entertainment seems a little harsh here.

The video was found on Reddit, but originally posted to the Natalie Garcia YouTube Channel. In the ten second clip, everyone around the baby sets her up for another little girl to scare her so bad she hits the ground and crawls away.

There is both comedy and a bit of concern in this all.

The concern would be surrounding the fact that she could have potentially scarred the kid and also she might have gone into a bit of shock being so young. Meanwhile, the joy might come from the overall reaction which causes a little wobble in her step. The best part might be the fact that she was able to realize that she needed to get the heck out of there.

It's something most people struggle with when something like that happens. Tough call but cute kid.

Watch the little baby get scared below.