Little Girl is Literally Scared of Her Own Shadow

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When you hear the phrase "you're scared of your own shadow" it's often being directed as a way to make fun of someone.

In this case, a little girl finds out first hand what it's really like to be afraid of her own shadow.

(Video Below)

"Mike Jacobs' filmed this hilarious video of his cute daughter, Kiya, freaking out when she notices her shadow following her for the first time," read the caption of the photo posted to the Syro SmithY YouTube Channel.

The video is now finding it's way around viral sites like Reddit, where it's bound to run head first into a flurry of attention. The video starts out pretty innocent and it's quite short. You can't help but feel bad for the poor little girl when she first sees her shadow. All of the emotions come rushing to her.

First there is hesitation, then confusion and ultimately pure fright. She takes off running and even stumbles over herself and hits the floor. You want to laugh but somehow you're torn. Check out the video below.

Watch the little girl run in fear of her own shadow.