Little Girl Impressed By Her Dads Nose Trick: 'I Got Your Nose' Prank

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Most of the time when you hear about pranks between kids and their parents the parents are always the brunt of the joke.

Not this time. One dad uses the old "I got your nose" prank but the reaction is absolutely adorable.

(Video Below)

Unlike most of the gems found on Reddit, this one just happened to fall into our lap while browsing the old internet.

The short clip was posted to the Mr. Zi YouTube Channel and it just goes to show how perceptive kids are at a young age.

One little girl was enjoying some precious father-daughter time and while it was all fun and games it got serious.

The magic of being a dad is unleashed as he tries to become somewhat of a Harry Houdini with a classic trick.

The "I got your nose" varies depending on what stories you find in research however, one Yahoo answer claims that "two-year-olds love the joke."

In this case the father begins his prank and at first the little girl begins to cry as if it was a painful procedure.

However, she continues to feel her nose while her father shows her his thumb. You can see the excitement growing and she even begins clapping, completely believing that her father actually stole her nose.

Watch the "I got your nose" prank reaction below.