Linda Hamilton Set To Star In Terminator 6 As Sarah Connor

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Since the Terminator franchise has been butchered by other filmmakers, James Cameron is wanting to retcon the past. This is why he made the shocking announcement that Linda Hamilton is returning to star in Terminator 6.

The Hollywood Reporter says James Cameron wants to see more older female actresses in action movies. We've seen the likes of Jackie Chan, Liam Neeson and more killing bad guys, but not many older females have been doing it lately.

Tim Miller (Deadpool) is set to direct the new Terminator movie. James Cameron is producing the movie and is helping write the script with Miller.

Other writers include David Goyer (The Dark Knight), Charles Eglee (Dark Angel) and Josh Friedman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). They are planning a trilogy, although each film can stand on its own.

Terminator 6 is going to serve as a direct sequel to the much loved Terminator 2. Due to the nature of time travel, the movie can retcon the events that have occurred in Terminator 3, Salvation and Genisys.

In Terminator 3, they killed off the Sarah Connor character due to leukemia. Now, they can forget about that as Linda Hamilton is back with Sarah Connor healthy and ready to kick more butt.

According to The Squander, Linda Hamilton has made up to $75 million from her Terminator movies, as well as others.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is also back on board to play what is expected to be another Terminator character. The original trio of Hamilton, Schwarzenegger and Cameron should make fans of the franchise really happy.

There's is still no release date set for the film, but it seems as if production will be going underway very soon. Are you looking forward to the future of the Terminator movie franchise?

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