'The Lil Kim Queen Bee Reality Show' No One Wants To See Is Coming Soon

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There weren't many female rappers during the reign of the Queen Bee Lil Kim and now that she is past her prime, she's announced a new reality show title "Queen Bee," coming soon.

(Trailer Below)

"The Jump Off" was Kim at her best and after trying to make a comeback in starting an unsuccessful beef, involving one of the newest and most successful faces of female rappers, Nicki Minaj, she has been somewhat of a thing of the past.

Kim was known for her shock factor and raw x-rated lyrics that resonated through a pivotal time in Hip-Hop.

Since then she's tried many times to jump back into the limelight but it just hasn't worked out and the newest trailer for "The Lil Kim Show" just looks a bit like a cry for attention.

What's more shocking in the trailer is her overall appearance where it's evident that she's clearly had a little too much work done.

She's almost unrecognizable and her nose is almost completely distracting from some of the outlandish things she says.

She pretty much brags about the luxuries that famous rappers like Diddy and Wyclef Jean have bought her in the past and says something that anyone who's really funny would say, "My friends think I'm funny."

In the world of reality television there are plenty of characters like this that already make a decent living off of having every bit of their life chronicled for the world to see.

The overall concept of the show will be following her as she works on her new album so fans will be able to see if she still has her skills.

Are fans interested in seeing a female rapper who is fighting to stay relevant in today's Hip-Hop society? You be the judge and check out the trailer for the "Queen Bee" reality show below.

Watch "The Lil Kim Show" trailer below.