Liev Schreiber Nearly Played Sabretooth Again In Logan

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Liev Schreiber played the role of Sabretooth back in X-Men: Origins Wolverine and many people praised his performance.

The actor has now revealed that he nearly came back to play the character in Logan, but the film schedule didn't work out for him.

Liev Schreiber revealed this piece of interesting news via a new interview with Variety.

Both Logan's director James Mangold and Hugh Jackman himself wanted him to star in the movie early on, but sadly he had to decline their offer. You can read his comments on the matter below.

"There was an invitation early on from Hugh [Jackman] and [director James Mangold] and I would have loved to work on it. It was very difficult given Ray Donovan's schedule, and I think they went a different direction as well with story. I think it's a terrific movie. "

Schreiber went on to say that he is proud with the way the film turned out in the end anyway. He says it was an honor to work with Hugh Jackman in X-Men: Origins Wolverine.

However, he has "mixed emotions" with the fact that Hugh Jackman has now retired from the role of Wolverine forever. If somebody is going to play Wolverine in the future, another actor has to be chosen.

With Jackman now out of the X-Men franchise, it's highly unlikely we'll see Liev Schreiber ever again as Sabretooth. It appears 20th Century Fox is concentrating now on a newer generation of X-Men. New Mutants has been scheduled to be released next year along with a Dark Phoenix movie.

Both films are to focus on younger actors and newer characters.

The only way both Liev Schreiber and Hugh Jackman could be back is if they make a comedy cameo in Deadpool 2. Deadpool is the only way they can break the 4th wall and crack some jokes.

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