Liane V Transforms Into Lil Jon: New Halloween Vine

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Social media star Liane V (Valenzuela) is back with her newest Vine featuring the crunk master himself, Lil Jon.

In her latest Vine featuring Jon and DJ E Rock, when V is asked what her Halloween costume is going to be, she jumps into a changing room like superwoman and hops out as Lil Jon! Alright, it wasn't actually her but the Vine was pretty hilarious.

V also gave her fans a look at what she went as for Halloween two years ago in her throwback Thursday photo posted to Instagram.

#TBT from 2 years ago... I was a Filipino pocahontas for Halloween guess what I'll be this year

A photo posted by Liane V (@lovelianev) on

The rising social media celebrity has been breaking into stardom, first stemming from her hilarious Vines to her Instagram and Twitter pages and ultimately having her new single "Whachu Gon Do" featuring Problem and Mucho DeNiro receiving radio play on a few west coast radio stations.

The future looks very bright for V who continues to keep a positive attitude and is guaranteed to put a smile on anyones face after watching some of her Vines.

Fans who want to see V in action and celebrate Halloween with some great music can catch her in the Bay Area tonight as she performs at Club Luxx in San Francisco.

Check out the Music Video for "Whachu Gon Do" Below