Liane V Does A Victory Dance With Her Dad On Instagram and Vine: Noah Pom Instagram

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Last week Empty Lighthouse reported on Liane V's (Valenzuela) search for a dog and not only is he appearing on her Instagram but so is her dad as they both do a victory dance.

A video posted by Liane V (@lovelianev) on

"Did a dance for my friend @destorm new song #VictoryDance with my dad Wally V! #vine #LianeV," read the caption on the Vine video that was doubled up for Instagram.

V and her father Wally Valenzuela bust some moves over DeStorm Power's song as they sport some matching father daughter t-shirts, which according to V was a gift from a fan.

As for her puppy V introduced Noah the Pom to her Instagram fans and as if her photos with him weren't enough, she has also created Noah his very own Instagram page. The posh pup can be seen being cute, cuddly and fashionable.

Below is one of his most recent posts as he tries to court all of the ladies of Instagram with his fluffy fur and tailored suit.

A video posted by NoahPom (@noahpom) on

#repost from mommy

A photo posted by NoahPom (@noahpom) on

V looks very much in love with the newest addition to her family. It also looks like she took the advice from her mom who told her a smaller dog would be better because they have smaller poop.

V is an internet personality who has broken into mainstream media by starting a music career and keeping the company of some pretty influential names in the entertainment business.

She has a few singles out titled, "Whachu Gon Do" and "Sway."

Her Vine has over 466 million loops and served as the foundation for her rising career. she has accumulated over 1.5 million Instagram followers, however, she still manages to keep her Twitter account to under 75 thousand.

She has been photo'd in the company of Floyd Mayweather, Chris Brown and also did a little promotion for Dane Cook last week for his new Troublemaker stand up show.

V's social media accounts are almost always comical and inspirational which pretty much proves that she is a genuinely good natured person.