Liane V And Noah Pom Featured In Forbes

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Vine star Liane V (Valenzuela) may have over 1.5 million followers on Instagram, but Forbes has taken notice to her little pup Noah Pom who also has a growing Instagram following.

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Forbes featured Noah Pom on their list of "The Cutest Four-Legged Friends On Social Media," according to V's Instagram post.

"Thanks @Forbes for featuring @noahpom & I in this article! So awesome to see my baby get nominated as one of the cutest four-legged friends on social media! (s/o to @mrdeniro @plutotv) #ProudMommy #Forbes," read the caption of V's post.

The proud owner can now thank her furry friend for yet more exposure for the hilarious Vine creator and talented singer.

With almost 40,000 followers on Instagram, Noah Pom is one of the most popular Instagram pets. V is continuing a realm that stars such as Dan Bilzerian have been creating for celebrities who want their special furry friends to have their own social media accounts.

Most of these accounts capture the pets in all of their cuteness as they strike various poses and even get caught off-guard for a good amount of the photos.

The bigger her name gets the more V is continuing to work hard for greater continued success. Now she isn't just acquiring the name for herself as she brings Noah Pom more into the celebrity pet spotlight.

Check out one of her famous Vines