Liam Neeson is Getting Old

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Both figuratively and literally the movie star Liam Neeson is reaching the point of old man status. Taken 3 is out now and this series seems to have started a string of non stop action movies from the now 62 year old.

(Trailer for Taken 3 Below)

In his earlier years Neeson was a bit more laid back.

It seems now the actor has a generic action movie coming out every 6 months. The character he played in the Taken trilogy seems to be same for a litany of film after film.

Within the last 4 years Neeson has starred in The Next Three Days, The Grey, Unknown, Non-Stop, and of course 2 Taken movies.

The film industry is a business after all and the goal is to make money. So people must like Neeson in these roles but it's becoming overkill.

Way back when Neeson was on top of the world with roles in Schindler's List, Les Miserables, and Gangs of New York.

But now he's only jumping over cars and hitting stuntmen in the face. Will we ever see the old Neeson again?

Even in real life though it seems Neeson can't stop being a bad ass.

His on screen daughter in the Taken series recently told a story on Conan in which Neeson prank-called an ex boyfriend of her's.

Sure its a funny story but it seems that even when Neeson isn't on the clock he's been brainwashed into this action superstar.

(Maggie Grace Prank-Calling Ex Boyfriend Below)

Here's hoping that Neeson slows his roll and begins to act in more subdued serious roles. Maybe the 60 year old is having a mid life crisis but how long do those last anyways. 8 years? Well it doesn't look like he's gonna stop anytime soon.

Just released yesterday here is a trailer of Neeson playing a hit-man trying to save his son. Sound familiar? Run All Night is coming to theaters this April.

(Run All Night trailer Below)