Leslie Jones, Zendaya Casting May Anger the Racists, But Not the Actual Fans

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In case you haven't heard, Zendaya, star of Disney's K.C Undercover as well as several upcoming films, and all around cool young woman, has reportedly been tapped to play the role of Mary Jane Watson in the upcoming Spiderman movie...

And it's brought the racists out in full force.

While not officially confirmed, news of Spiderman's love interest being played by a nonwhite actress has fueled controversy on the Internet.

The story is reminiscent of the attacks on Leslie Jones after she was picked to star in the recent Ghostbusters movie.

Much has been reported about the racist trolls and the vile messages that they have posted; however, one thing that has gone underreported was the amount of support that these two wonderful actresses have received from their fans and from other celebrities.

Some of the superstar actors who have come to the support of Leslie Jones are people like Ellen, Anna Kendrick, and Katy Perry.

Zendaya, meanwhile, has not only received the support of the creator of Spiderman, Stan Lee, but also fans, who appreciate her work and are proud to have her playing the character of Mary Jane.

Thousands of fans have taken to twitter to show their support for Zendaya:

Here's what Jarett Wieselman of Buzzfeed had to say:

Many others chimed in as well:

Were confident that Zendaya will make a great Mary Jane, if in fact the reports are correct, and we along with many other fans are excited to see the new movie.

Photo credit: Zendaya.com

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