Leroy Sanchez Nails Sam Smith's 'I'm Not The Only One' Cover

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YouTube's Leroy Sanchez is fresh into his Rebel Rock/Interscope Records single "Little Dancer," but his cover of Sam Smith's "I'm Not The Only One" far exceeds the competition for that cover.

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After his tour Sanchez kicked back in a vehicle on his ride home, no lyrics, just him and an acoustic guitar. As soon as he begins to sing a listener already knows that they are going to be in for a treat. He begins to sing the soft lyrics as he strums the strings of the guitar.

When he breaks into his falsetto it convinces you that he is the real deal. Sanchez looked to be full of raw talent as he makes the back seat of a car his stage for his almost 386,000 YouTube subscribers.

? V E G A S ?

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Sanchez current single "Little Dancer" is a delicate song where he displays his talent over an original offering and is available for fans on iTunes. The beautiful thing about his rendition is the fact that it is not over done or over-the-top.

He sticks to a simple cover of the song and doesn't slip once. If that happens to be the only take that was made during the recording, then Sanchez is indeed a genuine talent.

According to his home page, Sanchez hails from Spain's rural mountainous Basque region. "Since his early years growing up in Vitoria, Spain, Leroy knew that his powerful voice was his best vehicle for self-expression, a means of channeling his experience of the world into something meaningful," according to his artist home page.

"His voice, immediately evocative, becomes more so when you realize that as a musician Leroy is entirely self-taught.

Leroy began teaching himself to play his mom's guitar as a kid and developed his voice entirely by ear. He continued to sing and develop his gift."

Check out his "I'm Not The Only One" Cover