Leonard DiCaprio Surprises The Ellen Show For A 'Before the Flood' Plug

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Leonardo DiCaprio is a very busy man however, the actor still found some time to surprise The Ellen Show audience. During his surprise visit, he chatted about his new climate change documentary Before the Flood.

DeGeneres said she mentioned the documentary earlier and played a clip from the critically acclaimed piece. The film is meant to open the eyes of the public to the real dangers of climate change and to add a little inspiration for watching the film, DeGeneres brought out DiCaprio.

As expected, the audience lost their minds as they hadn't expected the Oscar-winner and U.N. Messenger of Peace to be on the show.

DiCaprio was overwhelmed by the warm welcome and DeGeneres explained that the actor left his house to visit the show after she revealed she would be talking about the documentary on the show. He revealed that the documentary was a three-year endeavor, traveling all around the world with filmmaker Fisher Stevens.

He included that President Barack Obama was also in the film as well as the Pope.

DiCaprio says climate change is a very urgent issue and it is happening faster than they could imagine.

The actor insisted that people keep climate change in mind when they are heading to the polls. You can check out Before the Flood here and watch Leonardo DiCaprio surprise The Ellen Show in the video below.

Leonard DiCaprio Surprises The Ellen Show For A 'Before the Flood' Plug