Lena Dunham Visits The Ellen Show With A New Look

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Girls actress Lena Dunham visited The Ellen Show to chat about her upcoming projects and a new look that she has been sporting.

She also got to surprise a really big positive person in her life with the help of Ellen DeGeneres.

DeGeneres wanted to know if it has really set in that Dunham is finished with the show. The actress said that she is still going out and talking about the show, however, once she isn't back filming again, it will really start to set in.

DeGeneres also complimented Dunham on her look and said she heard people were upset with her after she lost weight.

Dunham said she spent so many years being called things like "bag of milk, baby cow and aging cow" on the Internet. Then when she changed her body people were calling her a hypocrite and felt like she wasn't body positive.

Dunham said she still is body positive but she understands that her body changes. She continued that it was evidence that a woman in Hollywood just can't win.

Meanwhile, DeGeneres and Dunham both showed off how flexible they were during the interview.

Later on, with the help of DeGeneres, Dunham was able to surprise a nurse who helped her out during the time she spent in the hospital battling endometriosis.

The nurse happened to be a huge DeGeneres fan and Dunham wanted to make sure she was able to chat with DeGeneres.

You can check out the awesome interview and surprise from Lena Dunham's visit to The Ellen Show in the videos below.

Lena Dunham Visits The Ellen Show With A New Look