Leah Remini Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Her Scientology Docu-series

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Leah Remini has had a public battle with the Scientology movement ever since she left it. It inspired her to create a docu-series about it and she sat down with Ellen DeGeneres to discuss it.

Fans of Remini may remember that she had a very open discussion about why she did not support Scientology and just what following it entails, during an interview with Howard Stern and 20/20.

She is now continuing to speak out against Scientology and DeGeneres said she has seen the first episode and she can't wait to see all of them.

DeGeneres said it's disturbing because of all of the bad things Remini is unearthing about the movement.

Remini told DeGeneres and the audience that the people who are speaking out are very brave because there are repercussions to doing so.

She said she could no-longer sit back, so she wrote her book, "Troublemaker," which was the first step.

Later on as more people left the faith and spoke out, Remini noticed they were being bullied and couldn't stand back and watch it happen.

The actress said that when someone chooses to leave the faith, their family is bullied, however, she was lucky because her family chose her.

DeGeneres agrees with what Remini is trying to do by using her voice to expose the church of Scientology. You can watch the highlights from Leah Remini's interview from The Ellen Show in the video below.

Leah Remini Tells Ellen DeGeneres About Her Scientology Docu-series