Lana Del Rey Continues to Tease the 'Music To Watch Boys To' Music Video

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It has been about two weeks since the release of Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon album.

Prior to the release of the album she began teasing the music video for "Music To Watch Boys To" but fans have yet to see the visual.

UPDATE: Music To Watch Boys To music video is out now watch below.

Over the past couple of weeks fans and music lovers have been given a few screenshots here and there and just recently, Lana Del Rey shared another artistic screenshot and in another Instagram post introduced the fans to Kinga Burza, the director of the music video.

For the most part, each past teaser featured a simple caption that read, "Music To Watch Boys To" and continued to build hype for the music video.

Lana Del Rey has released a music video for "High By The Beach" which had a very interesting storyline and was executed in a crisp manner. Towards the end of the music video, Lana takes out a grenade launcher and shoots down a helicopter that was spying on her.

The release of the "High By The Beach" music video was not as intense which really points towards something a bit more substantial in the "Music To Watch Boys To" music video.

Fans continue to anticipate the visual but there is no telling when it will arrive.

Music To Watch Boys To

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Meet kinga burza. She directed MTWBT

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