The 'La La Land' Teaser Trailer Featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is Mesmerizing

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If you haven't seen it already, you'll probably be mesmerized by the teaser trailer for La La Land, an upcoming film starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.

If the visuals don't captivate you, the song featuring vocals from Gosling just might.

What happens when a jazz pianist sets his sights on an aspiring actress? Well, a love story of course.

The overall beauty of La La Land is captured in the one minute and 26 second trailer. Most of it can be attributed to the song "City of Stars" by Ryan Gosling.

La La Land has some of the most beautiful cinematography that we have seen in a trailer in some time. Stone and Gosling have also appeared in other films together including Gangster Squad and Crazy, Stupid Love.

The film is also set to star J.K. Simmons and more with an appearance from John Legend who also happens to be in the teaser trailer.

La La Land is set to release on December 16. You can watch the full official teaser trailer for the film, featuring "City of Stars" by Ryan Gosling in the video below.

Watch the Official Teaser Trailer for La La Land