'Koenigsegg CCX Crashes Into Spectators,' When Doing Too Much Goes Really Wrong

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It's because of accidents like this that give some supercar drivers a bad name. This Koenigsegg CCX crashes into a group of spectators while the driver is showing off.

(Video Below)
Warning Crash Impact May Be Upsetting

In this short video posted to DailyMotion, a driver is videotaped as he shows off in a Koenigsegg CCX. He is squealing his tires and drifting in all manners.

However, the spectators watching are only separated buy a concert style metal fence.

They are also very close is proximity to the rack track that this is all taking place in.

Not all drivers are this careless and not all venues have this sort of setting however, these two made for a dangerous storm to come.

The driver takes off on another slide but something goes wrong causing him to lose control of the car and sends him into a group of spectators, knocking them upside down. In the video you can see a few of them getting up immediately, including one off in the corner who continues to scramble to the top of what looks to be a hill.

In the wake of may car related tragedies it's important to take the surroundings into strong consideration, unfortunately that wasn't done in this case.

However, in the future it could save many lives if fans are pushed back away from the action or if drivers are more cautious about how they intend on showing off.

Check out the crash below.

Some People Just Shouldn't Be Driving... by monsterofficial